Johnny King
Out Side Sales
Office: 205-871-2066
Doug Vining Installation/Production Manager
Office: 205-481-1003
Sara Giedinghagen
Lead Designer at Homewood Office: 205-871-2066
Our Team

NeedCo ~ The Cabinet Company consists of a team of professionals representing the absolute top in bathroom and kitchen design. With an extensive background in service-oriented work, we create affordable and unique kitchen/bathroom designs for our clients. By staying current with the latest trends in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles we provide our clients with a highly educated and experienced team of designers whose designs are on the leading edge in the industry. We work with our clients on a personal level, designing the kitchen or bathroom that fits their needs perfectly. NeedCo also offers custom-built cabinets offering the widest variety of styles and finishes.
David Harrison Owner/Designer Office: 205-481-1003 
Chrissy Bushnell General Manager
Office: 205-481-1003
Custom Shop
Allie O'Brien  Designer at Homewood
Office: 205-871-2066
Robin Evans
Designer & Architect
North Alabama Area Office: 256-534-8690

Cabinets - Plumbing - Remodeling

Regina Allison Designer at Tuscaloosa
Office: 205-434-9044